“The Talisker Whiskey Rowing Challenge is a 3,000 mile ocean rowing race. Me and my team – all military veterans – were the first group of veterans to row across an ocean. Our boat was 28 feet long and we spent 54 days, 9 hours and 8 minutes crossing the ocean.”
— Bryant Knight

Why Listen:
In this interview we talk about the Oil & Gas industry – the different aspects of this massive field, and why Veterans may like the mission-focused approach of this industry. We also talk about Bryant’s participation in a 3,000 mile rowing race, as the first military veteran team to row an ocean as part of the Fight Oar Die team.

About Bryant:
Bryant Knight is a Senior Account Manager Rocky Mountains for LEAM Drilling Systems. He served in the Army for nearly 24 years, starting out as a flight medic, becoming an Artillery Officer, and then serving as ODA Special Forces Commander for the 20th Special Forces Group.

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